How to Rock a Spring Break Staycation

It’s finally that time: spring break. February was an extremely long month for college students. It stretched on with no breaks or snow days which makes our week off so much sweeter. While many JCU students are headed to Florida or Mexico, there are still ways to get your vacation fix at home. Here are 5 easy ways to turn your home-bound spring break into a staycation:


Take a lux bath

Love Romantic Bath Candlelight Breakingpic / Pexels JCU’s dormitory bathrooms are notoriously foul. If you are lucky enough to live in a house or apartment, chances are the tub/shower area is pretty dirty (we’re college students after all). Going home is a great opportunity for you to reconnect with yourself. A great way to do this? Self-care. There are many ways to create a luxurious bath. You can go the somewhat pricey way of Lush bath bombs or other commercial products. On the other hand, you can add common household items like Epsom salt, essential oils, green tea, or oatmeal to your bath. Lighting candles, burning incense, bringing in wine or sparkling water are also good ways to jazz it up. 


Do a different DIY spa treatment every day of the week

Woman Lying on White Textile With Sliced Cucumbers on Her Eyes Breakingpic from Pexels Going to the spa is expensive. Honestly, I’ve never even seen the inside of a spa because it’s not in my budget range. This doesn't mean that I don’t ever partake in spa-like activities. I often create my own skin/hair/face treatments or find low-cost alternatives like steaming your face to open stubborn pores. Setting aside time to take care of certain areas of your body (and soul) will help you feel amazing. An example schedule:

Sunday - Green tea bath


Monday- Avocado and honey face mask


Tuesday- Epsom salt foot soak and pumice stone


Wednesday- Steam face with tea tree oil


Thursday- Hot (coconut) oil hair treatment


Friday- Milk and rose bath


Saturday- Buff and paint fingernails


Do a tech detox 

women typing on a laptop Pexels Technology is ever-present in the life of a college student. However, it can be detrimental to our mental, emotional, and physical health. Since we are no longer required to use our laptops on a daily basis (for this week at least), taking some time to detox from most technology is a great idea. Constantly checking emails on your phone, updating your LinkedIn profile, and browsing social media takes a lot of time and energy. By limiting the amount of time you use social media and technology as a whole could help you reboot for the rest of the semester. I personally believe that watching YouTube videos, Netflix, and other streaming apps are okay because it’s part of the lazy vacation experience. Looking on twitter and getting FOMO is an easy way to put yourself in a bad mood.


Get crafty

woman oil painting on canvas Photo by Jade Stephens on Unsplash Taking some time to do stuff that you actually want to do, not just things you have to do, is a part of the vacation experience. There are plenty of simple (and cheap) crafts that you can do during your downtime. Making a vision board to keep you inspired for the rest of the semester tops the list. You can partake in YouTube tutorials on knitting, drawing, origami, painting (hello, Bob Ross!) and so much more. This is way cheaper than paying for a class and craft supplies can be bought at your local dollar store


Sleep like it's nobody's business

girl sleeping in black and white Kinga Cichewicz Catching up on your ZZZs is basically the entire reason why spring break exists. Most college students' sleeping schedules are wacky (ie sleeping from 2:33am to 8:04 am then from 3:47pm to 6:21pm). Sleep is important for all aspects of health, from your immune system to your mental health and cognitive ability. Being back in your own home (and bed) with watchful parents instead of partying roommates should make sleeping easier. 


Practicing self-care is an important part of any college break. I hope everyone has a safe, restful, and relazing spring break. See you on the 9th, JCU.