Holiday Decorations on a Budget

After watching countless Tik Tok videos of "Christmas explosions" like this, I decided it was time to update my own room. Money is very sparse as a college student, so I don't really have a ton of room in my budget for leisurely items like holiday decor. Nonetheless, this year I decided to try out the "Christmas explosion" trend on a college-budget. 

The best and most affordable place that I found holiday decorations was at Dollar Tree. Luckily there is one less than 2 miles away in University Heights (right by Whole Foods). I am a huge Dollar Tree fan and buy things there on a regular basis; however, I never really bother to pay attention to holiday decorations. The last time I went into D-Tree, I found some amazing and cheap decorations that are perfect for dorm or apartment life. There is everything from mini-Christmas trees to ornaments and mini-string lights that stand on their own.

If you are on a creative kick, there a tons of great materials for crafts and other DIY decorations. I found that the Prudent Penny Pincher's article had cute and easy ideas. Here are some of my favorites:

Snowflake Door Hanger

Credit- Rae of Sparkles from Prudent Penny Pincher

Snowball Candleholder

Credit- Just Another Hang Up from Prudent Penny Pincher

Snowy Pinecone Luminaries

Credit- Crafts by Amanda from Prudent Penny Pincher


Holiday decoration ideas are abundant on Pinterest and YouTube. I really enjoyed LGQueen Interior Design's video on 2018 Dollar Tree DIYs.

From Giphy


I found that the dollar section at Target has some cute holiday decorations for under $5. These are slightly more expensive but if you aren't in a DIY or D-Tree mood, then Target is the next best thing. Of course, every store has some type of holiday-themed decoration during this time of the year, so regardless of where you shop opportunities are abound.