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He Said, She Said: No-Shave November, Christmas music, and voting

How do you feel about No-Shave November?

Allison: No-Shave November for guys?! Maybe. Beards affect each man differently. Therefore, some men look like they are properly groomed while growing their beard for a month, while others look like pedophiles. So, if you look uber sexy with a beard, like you belong on a cover of GQ, then go ahead and grow your fur out.

No-Shave November for girls?! In public, shaving is necessary. In private, do as you wish.

How do you feel about Christmas music before Thanksgiving?

Allison: Christmas music before Thanksgiving is acceptable in a few instances. First, you must be a Christmas fanatic and have a year-round countdown. Second, you need to be celebrating Christmas with out-of-town family around Thanksgiving. Third, you are taking pictures with your family for Christmas cards. Otherwise, there is really no reason to be listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.

As college students, is it our responsibility to vote?

Allison: Anyone who has taken Political Science 101 knows the answer to this question. Yes, even though we are college students, it is still important to vote. No matter what party or ideals you are in favor of, your voice should be heard. So, get out there this election season and let your community know that you care, and you want to make a difference.

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