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Hannah Niehaus

The Basics

Name: Hannah Mae Niehaus

Hometown: Berlin Center, Ohio

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Cell and Molecular Biology/Spanish


JCU Life

Campus Involvement: I am a CLC leader, a member of Kappa Delta (Vice President Member Educator) as well as the CMDB journal club, and I work in one of the labs.

Favorite Spot on Campus: I have mad love for the corner booth in the tween! I get crazy amounts of work done there!

Best Class: Medical Microbiology  

Favorite Professor: Dr. Erin Johnson


Fun Facts

Nervous Habit: I bite my lip and cover my nose with my right hand. Don’t ask me why, just something I’ve always done!

Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama

Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation

Dream Job: Working for Doctors without Borders as a pediatric surgeon


Love Life

Relationship Status: Happily Taken

Best Quality in a Guy: Self-Motivation

Celeb Crush: Robert Downey Jr. There’s something about that sarcasm!

Deal Breaker: If he’s not supportive of my dreams and aspirations, he’s only going to hold me back. Not worth it!  

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