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Finals Week Through The Real Housewives

Exams are probably the worst part of college. They are long, headache-inducing tasks that (usually) make you feel really bad about yourself. Finals week, which is full of exams, is the epitome of stress. Tensions are high for not only students but professors as well. It is often difficult to portray the experience of finals week; however, I have turned to the most dramatic group of reality TV stars to help out- The Real Housewives.

You initially feel confident going into finals week

After severely mismanaging your time you turn to a higher power for help

Walking into your exam unprepared while simultaneously talking yourself down

Trying to be pleasant to your professor and TA but you’re actually fuming from the workload

When someone tries to make small talk after you pulled an all-nighter

Breaking down (part 1)

Breaking down (part 2)

And breaking down some more

Post-breakdown vibes


Napping after an all-nighter and minor mental breakdown

Realizing that you still have several days left of misery


There is not a lot that can comfort a person during finals week. The stakes are high and the emotions are higher. If you feel unbearably overwhelmed, remember that finals week is only temporary and you can cry in the comfort of your dorm (and it won’t be filmed and turned into GIFs). 



*All GIFs are from giphy.com 

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