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Feature of the Week: Madeline Smanik

This week we decided to feature Madeline because of her recent accomplishments! Continue reading to learn more about her:

Name: Madeline Smanik

Year: Senior

Major: Communication and Political Science

Hometown: Westlake, Ohio

What exactly is your new position?

The NBC John Carroll Meet the Press Fellowship is a nine to ten month paid position, which as far as I know goes through May. I’m not exactly sure when it starts yet, since I haven’t received a date, but I do know it’s an entry level position, mostly research based, such as locating poll numbers to report to my superiors.

Why did you want this position? Have you always been in this field of study?

When I was a freshman, I came into JCU completely undecided. For a while, I actually thought I was going to be a business major. I heard about the Russert Fellowship, but didn’t think I was qualified to enter, since I wasn’t in the Communications Department at the time. It turns out, I actually was, but I ended up joining the Carroll News, since I’d always loved reading and writing, and it suddenly clicked just what I was meant to do. Therefore, I changed my major. Basically, ever since sophomore year, the Russert Fellowship has been my goal and I have finally achieved it.

What other jobs/internships have you done?

My first internship was at Channel 3, the local NBC station. My internship just this past summer was at Cleveland Magazine, which I would definitely recommend to anyone who likes writing and editing with journalism.

How did you get the internship at Cleveland Magazine?

I’ve gone to the Career Fair at JCU all four years, which I’ve always found to be a great experience. During my junior year, I met Great Lakes Publishing, who set me up for an interview. I ended up loving the job so much because they treated interns like employees, especially when giving credit to interns for any pieces they wrote or did research for (in my experience, most places won’t do that for interns).

Any advice for somebody in one your fields that might be struggling with internships and/or jobs?

Like I said, I would highly recommend applying for Cleveland Magazine!  It will prepare you for a full time job after graduation as well as a portfolio of published work that you can take into interviews.

As for here on campus, join the newspaper! One of the main reasons I got my internship with Cleveland Magazine was because of the writing I did in the Carroll News.

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