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Danie’s Day: Hannah Bettinger

With JCU's annual Danie's Day around the corner, we want to highlight an important person on campus from the Danie's Day committee!

Name: Hannah Bettinger 

Year: Junior

Major: Biology 

Hometown: Sylvania, Ohio 

HC: Could you give us a little background about Danie's Day? 

Hannah: Danie’s Day was started in honor of Danielle Rose, class of 2015, who passed away during her time at John Carroll. She had a love for working with children, especially those with disabilities. Since Danielle was an Arrupe Scholar, the program paired up with Sigma Phi Epsilon to create Danie’s Day. Children with down syndrome, or any other mental disability, are welcome. At the event, a John Carroll student is paired with a child and John Carroll organizations have tables where the children can go and participate in different activities. 

HC: What is your relationship to Danie's Day?  

Hannah: I participated in Danie’s Day, my freshman year at John Carroll, when I volunteered at the Chi Omega table. We painted fingernails, which turned out to be a hit with the kids. My sophomore year I joined the Danie’s Day committee, and I am a member of it again this year. This is one of my favorite days at John Carroll, so it is great to be a part of the team that makes it happen. 

HC: How has Danie's Day grown since it started? 

Hannah: Danie’s Day has been celebrated each spring since 2013 and has grown in participants each year. We have around 85 participants this year. It has also grown in the amount of John Carroll buddies and organizations wanting to be involved. We have a waiting list of JCU students who signed up to be buddies. In addition, we often have to cut off organization sign-ups because we reach capacity. It is incredible to see how many organizations and students want to help with this great event.  

HC: What are you mot looking forward to? 

Hannah: I am most looking forward to seeing the smiles on the kids' faces. It is a day that is filled with so much joy, laughter and love. The chance to run around and have fun with someone who is there to hang out with him or her is a great experience for each child. It truly brings me happiness to be a part of such a wonderful day. 

Danie's Day is this Saturday, March 12, from 10am-2pm. If you are participating with a group, have fun and make new friends, like Hannah! 


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