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Condado vs. Barrio: A Battle for CLE

Tacos, chips and, most importantly, queso, are what Cleveland-local Barrio is known for. Every JCU student has gone at least once, and for chips and dip lovers like me, I couldn’t help but come back… At least four times a month.

Barrio officially entered CLE’s foodie scene during 2009 in Tremont, and, as you might’ve guessed, have eliminated its taco-selling competition. Well, that was until a Condado restuarant opened in Pinecrest last week, and they might give Barrio a run for their money.

Unless you’re a true taco conoisseur (like myself), you can’t tell the difference between the food served by both restaurants. Their queso, guac and taco menus are practically identical – the only inconsistency betwen Barrio and Condado restaurants is their atmosphere, as the latter is extremely colorful while the OG (Barrio) has a black and white, “Day of the Dead” theme going on.

Apparently Condado’s owner, Joe Kahn, was originally affiliated with Barrio, but left to start his own “original” taco joint in Columbus. He was supposed to stay in C-Bus, and breached a contract he had with Barrio by opening up shop in Northeast Ohio – he’s now being sued.

Regardless of the lawsuit’s result, Barrio will always be the taco capital of CLE – there’s really no competition.

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