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Campus Cutie: Lisa Ramsey

With Homecoming Weekend upon us, we thought Lisa Ramsey would be the perfect campus cutie! Here’s a little more about her:

The Basics:

Name:  Lisa Ramsey

Hometown:  Hudson, Ohio

Life at John Carroll:

Campus Involvement: I work in the office of student engagement and advise both the Student Union and the Student Union Programming Board.  

Favorite Thing About JCU: The students!  I love getting to know students, hearing their stories and helping them grow, learn and develop into the amazing people that they are.

Favorite Building on Campus:  The Student Center – I especially love when the atrium is really busy at lunchtime with student org tables, music and lots of energy and activity. 

Favorite John Carroll Memory: I would say going on immersion trips to Guatemala in January of 2013 and 2014.  Such an awesome experience both personally and professionally.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Movie:  Dead Poet’s Society and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favorite Song:  I don’t have one favorite, but I love jamming to the 80’s!!  I also love Broadway soundtracks like Les Miserables.

Favorite TV Show: Right now I’m obsessed with “How to Get Away with Murder”

Dream Job:  Working for myself as a freelance writer

Fun Fact:  I starting running/racing at age 40 and to date I have run 7 half marathons and 1 full marathon!

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