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Campus Celebrity: Homecoming Court 2015 – The Ladies

The time has come. It is Homecoming Week and we are days away from discovering who our Homecoming King and Queen for 2015 will be. Last week we featured the gentleman of the royal court here: http://www.hercampus.com/school/jcu/campus-celebrity-homecoming-court-2015-gentlemen , and now we are featuring the ladies. Be sure to read up on the court and come to the game on Saturday to find out who will be crowned! Happy Homecoming everyone, stay safe!

Hannah Niehaus

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Berlin Center, Ohio (Halfway to the middle of nowhere!)

Post-Graduation Plans: I’ll be attending Osteopathic medical school, hopefully here in Cleveland!

Favorite Spot on Campus: The second floor of Dolan West is my comfort zone. 

Favorite John Carroll Memory: Making it onto JCU pass-outs freshman year while studying for a final (in Dolan West of all places!). 

Fun Fact about Yourself: When I was nine years old I was pounced on by a lion cub! True story, my neighbors own a zoo.

How do you feel about being on Homecoming Court: I honestly am so excited to be on court! Especially with so many of my friends from high school!! I mean, what are the odds? :) I also feel very lucky to be blessed with such amazing and loving people in my life who took the time to nominate me for the court, so thank you to my friends for that! I can’t wait for Friday and Saturday, Go Streaks!

Noble Churovia

Major: Sociology/ Criminology

Hometown: Center Township, Pennsylvania 

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan on attending graduate school for my master’s degree before pursuing a career in law enforcement. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: Student Union Office and the Kappa Alpha Theta floor 

Favorite John Carroll Memory: My class trip to Italy last spring! It was a perfect ten days with a great group of people.

Fun Fact about Yourself: My family owns a chocolate store in my hometown!

How do you feel about being on Homecoming Court: I am both honored and humbled by this nomination. I love everything about John Carroll and knowing that I get to share this amazing experience with my family and friends makes me love this community even more.

Jane Verdi

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Highland Heights, Oh

Post-Graduation Plans: Still figuring that out. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: Definitely John Carroll’s Pool

Favorite John Carroll Memory: Spring break trip to Rome or any Chi Omega Dance

Fun Fact about Yourself: I am in love with Pope Francis

How do you feel about being on Homecoming Court: I am very excited to be on the Homecoming court. It is an honor to have been nominated!

Jacqueline DiFrangia

Major: Creative Writing

Minor: Communications

Hometown: Mentor, Ohio

Post-Graduation Plans: Grabbing a drink with the people who have impacted my life most while I was here. Beyond that, you’ll have to ask God because I don’t know. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: I can’t think of one. I mostly commute, so when I’m on campus, it’s glorious. 

Favorite John Carroll Memory: Are you kidding? Definitely this one. I’m honored, humbled, amazed, excited, and comepletely in awe. All those feelings are in every Carroll memory.  

Fun Fact: When I was in 5th grade, I had a hamster that had 8 babies. So I got 9 hamsters for the price of one. 

How do you feel about being on Homecoming Court: You know how when they announced Finding Dory and you were like “…what? No way. Oh, really? That’s so exciting!” and then you took a step back and were like “Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it.” I’m feeling all those things.

Julie Donnelly

Major: Communications on the Integrated Marketing Communications Track

Hometown: North Canton, Ohio

Post-Graduation plans: Attend grad school for Occupational Therapy or Public Health

Favorite Spot on Campus: Dolan terraces 

Favorite John Carroll Memory: Living in Murphy freshman year. 

Fun fact about Yourself: I studied abroad in London last fall!

How do you feel about being on Homecoming Court: It’s really cool to be part of such a fun tradition!

Junior Integrated Marketing Communications major and Psychology minor. Fan of Netflix and her smartphone.
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