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Campus Celeb: Christina Iafelice

Name: Christina Iafelice
Year: Senior
Hometown: Willoughby Hills, Ohio
Major: Accounting
What’s your favorite part about Dance Team/ Dance Ensemble?
In a general sense, the people! I’ve made so many close friends on the team and ensemble and I consider them sisters to me. Dancing with them makes me so happy and they always make me laugh! Specifically, my favorite part of the Dance Team is performing at various sporting events because of the energetic atmosphere. My favorite part of Dance Ensemble is getting to express myself through different types of dance such as my favorites of jazz, tap, and hip hop!
When did you start dancing? 
I started dancing when I was 5 years old!
Do you come up with your own dances?
Yes. What’s cool about Dance Team and Dance Ensemble is that we all have the opportunity to choreograph and it’s awesome seeing everyone’s different dance styles emerge. If I have the opportunity to choreograph, I always make up something completely new. I enjoy choreographing in my free time and would love to choreograph for other groups in the future.
Where did you learn to choreograph?
I don’t know where exactly my love for choreographing originated or where I “learned” to choreograph, but I’ve definitely been inspired by choreography I’ve learned from dance classes, my dance teachers, friends, and dance videos on YouTube. All of the above have help to develop my choreography skills in one way or another.
What is your dream job? 
My dream job is to own and operate a dance studio one day…so be on the look out (or send your children to dance there :) !!!
Tell me something not a lot of people know about you.
I have a love for History, LOVE the outdoors and traveling, and enjoy Jeopardy and trivia games.
Christina wants thanks her mom, dad, and family for the endless support throughout the years. She wouldn’t be dancing today if it wasn’t for them.
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