Another Trophy for Cleveland?

If someone says that the excitement has died down in Cleveland since the Cavs won the championship, they clearly haven’t been keeping up with professional baseball. Having won the ALDS title this October, the Cleveland Indians are trying their best to bring “The Land” another title, and keeping fans on their toes while doing so.

Before heading to The World Series, the Indians must defeat the Toronto Blue Jays and several other teams as they work their way up the rankings, which won’t be an easy task. However, as many Clevelanders are, I am a strong believer that the Tribe can make CLE proud by bringing home another trophy.

While the Cavs aren’t “the talk” at the moment, that hasn’t kept them from cheering on their fellow Cleveland sports teams. Don’t believe me? Take a look at LeBron’s Instagram. With a caption reading: “Light it up tonight, boys!! Tribe has us feeling some type of way in October,” it’s fair to say that LBJ might be the Tribe’s number one fan!

Who says LeBron can’t share the spotlight?

Corner stands that once sold all Cavaliers gear have slowly transitioned to Indians merchandise, which brings Clevelanders even more hope that another championship is in our mists.

As October continues to wind down and sports-related excitement in Cleveland continues to rise, Indians fans are feeling confident that another championship parade is just around the corner!