5 Timeless Style Tips from Kelly Kapowski

There have been countless sitcoms that feature a beautiful, stylish and extremely popular cheerleader, but Kelly Kapowski outshines them all. While her character definitely appealed to teenage and adolescent girls, Kelly’s style was, and continues to be, inspirational, as it came to define the fashion trends of the ‘90s.

  1. Two pieces aren’t exclusive to swimsuits. There are countless SBB episodes where Kelly is seen wearing a matching two-piece set, and she typically pairs her ensemble with a denim or pastel-colored jacket. Not to mention, the two-pieces in question often have a floral or striped pattern, which is still the norm for matching tops and bottoms. Have you seen “LuLu’s” homepage?


  1. Crop tops are a wardrobe essential. What better way to cool down and get a tan than by showing off your midriff? Kelly K. sported a crop top during both summer and fall, including, but not limited to, front-tie tops and brasieres. She proved that crop tops are a must during the warmer months, and will definitely work on brisk fall days when paired with a jacket - which brings me to my next point.


  1. Denim jackets make any outfit. Casual dresses, crop tops, rompers - literally any outfit would be more visually appealing with the added style of a jean jacket. Kelly proved that a BRA can pass for a shirt if you pair it with a denim jacket. Granted, the bra in question was also adorned with glitter, bright colors and bedazzles, but still. Even the two-piece sets I mentioned before - add a jacket!


  1. Off-the Shoulder tops are both elegant and casual. While “Free People” is mainly responsible for bringing the hippie trend back, let me tell you, Kelly K. was the original off-the-shoulder trend setter. Sure, off-the-shoulder tops may scream “flower power,” but there are many ways to rock a shoulder-baring shirt without looking like a protestor from the ‘70s. Exhibit A: Kelly Kapowski. When paired with high-waisted jeans and suspenders, off-the-shoulder tops are given a more edgy, fashion-forward dimension.


  1. Skirts and dresses are a girl’s best friend. Never underestimate the power of a dress - or a skirt, for that matter. Denim skirts are all the talk these days, and who rocked a jean skirt before it was cool? That’s right, our friend and style guru, Kelly Kapowski. I suppose denim is simply a ‘90s reprise, as dresses are often given the extra “oomf” with a jean jacket. While dresses themselves aren’t typically composed of denim, though they can be, jackets make the perfect addition to the most casual of dresses. If denim just isn’t your thing, try pairing your favorite skirt or dress with a blazer - Kapowski also proved that blazers aren’t limited to tuxedos and pant suits.