The 5 Best Instaccounts to Fuel Your Procrastination

It is about that time of the semester. Roughly three weeks into the school year, most students get a little stir crazy. Syllabus week is over which means assignments and responsibilities are starting to stack up. More assignments = more time in Grasselli pretending to do work. Because I know that procrastination and avoidance are inevitable, I made it slightly easier for you to fully dedicate your time to the cause. I compiled a list of my five favorite IG accounts to look at while "writing" philosophy papers. 

  1. Blossom

When Blossom goes into the auto-feed mode, I 100% never finish my work. There are so many crafty ideas and tutorials on Blossom. Watching the increased-speed videos makes me feel productive even though I am not doing anything. However, if you do go on a Blossom binge, you will definitely end up reorganizing some aspect of your room (which is productive in itself). My favorite video? Icecube tray hacks. 

2. Humans of New York

Humans of New York or HONY, is my all-time favorite Instagram account. I was actually so inspired by Brandon Stanton that I created a similarly-formatted project on refugees. Anyways, HONY will have you either laughing, crying, or some type of hybrid-emotion (craughing?). Stanton has a unique way of capturing people with images and words. It only takes him a short amount of time to interview his muses before writing their "stories." You are able to meet people from all over the world through your phone. It is a truly amazing way to engage with other humans while also not working on your accounting homework. 


3. Kiel James Patrick // Sarah Patrick

Fall is 10/10 the best season to creep on the KJP-gang's Instagram accounts. Kiel James Patrick and his wife, Sarah, created a fashion company called "KJP." They mostly produce nautical and preppy themed accessories like anchor bracelets and eyelet dresses. Sarah is a style icon who can make anything look amazing. If you are going to browse her account, be warned that extreme jealousy is likely to ensue. Even if you don't follow the pair, definitely check out their accounts over the next few weeks. They take the BEST fall pictures. Bonus points: they have a cute golden retriever named Benny with his very own account.

4. Beauty Hacks

The craftiness of Beauty Hacks is unrivaled. This account has a fix for basically anything. My favorite part is that the videos are short and the projects/hacks are simple. If you have a minor project that you are procrastinating on, then Beauty Hacks is your go-to account.

5. Girl With No Job

Claudia Oshry aka "Girl With No Job" is a genius. Her hand-curated or self-made memes are the most relatable on the internet. I audibly laugh while looking through her posts. My new favorite post? The spinoff of Shamilla's make out video. Absolute must-follow regardless of procrastination level!