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35 Reasons You Know You Go To JCU

Last year, we had you respond to the phrase, “You know you go to JCU when…” during our event in the Atrium. Your responses were so amazing that we decided to save them as a surprise for the new school year. I am continually proud to be a JCU student, and I know all of you are too. It’s truly a wonderful university, and I know our student community is one of (if not) the best in the nation. I hope you enjoy our gift to you, and thank you for all of the great responses! This article would not be possible without all of you.

Without further ado, here are our 35 favorite responses to “You know you go to JCU when…”

1. You see the same person 10 times a day. – Kelly Maduri ‘14

Our campus may be small, but we have some of the biggest hearts around.

2. Your friends’ idea of a good time is 10 p.m. mass. – Nate Huber ‘16

3. You worry that one of our graduates may literally set the world on fire someday. – Anonymous

Okay, this person has a serious point. 

4. Trying to find an open washing machine is similar to the Hunger Games. – Brittany Ramsey  ‘15

We’re just hoping you find one to volunteer as tribute. 

5. You see more squirrels on the way to class than other students. – Peter Landell ‘16

I do really have nightmares about them sometimes. 

6. The Sperrys outnumber the students. – Molly Bealin ‘14

7. Fat Chris favorites your tweets. – Christina Minjares ‘14

8. You’re in love with your campus. – Leah Bencivengo ‘17

And for good reason! It’s totally gorgeous. 

9. You are asked what ‘Lobo’ is. – Kelly Diamond

And about the whole “Blue Streak” thing. Very often.

10. You hear the fire alarm go off at 4am twice in the same week. – Collin ‘17

Because nothing says roommate bonding like getting dragged out of your bed in the middle of the night. 

11. Walking across the quad might as well be against the law. – Madeline Smanik ‘16

Usually, the signature move of an extremely confused and misguided freshman.

12. You have more parody Twitter accounts than real student accounts. – Mary-Kate Begin ‘14

But you really should follow @JCUcompliments and @HerCampusJCU.

13. You’re afraid to eat a banana in the cafe! – Karis Laurito ‘17

Here’s looking at you @JCU_Bananas

14. Parties usually get busted at 11:30 pm… – Mellisa Frate ‘17

15. People say, “Wait, JCU has a pep band?” – Abby Glass ‘14

16. It’s easier to say how many showers don’t work in Campion than how many do. – Ed Zgrabik ‘16

Everyone knows the feeling of a surprise cold shower first thing in the morning. And no one likes that feeling.

17. The Atrium is universally recognized as the Times Square of campus. – Claire Grega ‘15

18. Country Bowl means something special and makes your day. – Anonymous

And the widespread disapproval when it started being served on a plate last year.

19. Seeing Father Niehoff is basically considered a celebrity sighting. – Anonymous

It’s a special moment for a lot of JCU students.

20. Your diet consists of mostly grilled chicken. – Sarah Huber ‘17

21. Cereal becomes one of your main food groups. – Anonymous

22. You line up three hours before Thanksgiving Dinner in the cafe – Jenny Davids ‘14

It’s the best meal of the year. You don’t miss it for anything. ANYTHING.

23. You can’t go to another mass at home because you miss 10pm too much. – Taylor Eckman ’16

24. It gets strangely quiet during Steelers vs Browns games. – Father Bernie

Sorry for the meme, but I am from Pittsburgh… 

25. You are a man or woman for others. And couldn’t be prouder of that. – Anonymous

26. You know all the cafe workers by name. – Anonymous

And then they even know you studied abroad last semester.

27. The entire campus is decorated for Christmas! – Anonymous

*Cue every group of friends taking a picture in front of the Christmas Tree in the Atrium.*

28. Everyone is so kind and holds the door open for you. – Tara Daly ‘17

29. You can wake up 10 minutes before class and still be on time. – Anonymous

Though you may have to run to Dolan.

30. There are no clocks in the classrooms. – Aime Szymanski ‘14

31. Sometimes, you see Dr. Welki more than your friends. – Shannon Poppe ‘17

32. A 7-minute walk to Dolan is long and something to complain about. – Bri Pentuk ‘15

33. Everyone is from Pittsburgh, Buffalo, or Cleveland. – Alyse Bradley ‘17

34. Opening your mailbox is more challenging than some classes. – Anonymous

I still haven’t figured it out, and it is my senior year. 

35. Students work so hard to make the world a better place for others. – Dr. Long

We really are a campus of men and women for others. At JCU, we do countless hours of service to make our community and our world a better place to live. And I am so happy to be a JCU Blue Streak. It feels great to be able to call John Carroll’s campus my home, and I cannot wait for what will surely be another wonderful year!

Brittany, a Senior at JCU, has a passion for tea, books, writing, and London. As an English major, you can usually find her curled up with a good book somewhere on-campus (usually in O'Malley). She loves everything about Her Campus, and she finds it extremely exciting and rewarding to be a Campus Correspondent!