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Here are some trends to be on the lookout for this winter: 


The poncho= a combination of a scarf, sweater, blanket, and any other comforting thing you can imagine. Ponchos are great because they are easy to style, but also extremely fashionable. You feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket, but look like a swanky young professional.


2. Long Cardigans

While cardigans have always been

a closet essential, a new trend of long cardigans has made an impression in this seasons looks. A long cardigan can be paired with basically anything, its versatility closely rivals its comfort.


3. Corduroy


Corduroy may have been a 90’s staple, but it is making a comeback this season. We saw the beaconing of the corduroy button up skirt last year and now that beaconing has extended to pants. Cords are like social acceptable Snuggies for your legs.


4. Turtlenecks

The turtleneck has been a subject of fashion controversy since its rise in the 1920’s. Some hate the extra fabric layers, some love it. Regardless of your preferences, the turtleneck is back for the foreseeable future. The next level of TN style? The double turtleneck.


5. Pullovers

The eco-friendly pullover is a dominant look in academia. Whether it be the comfort of the soft material or the fact that it is eco-friendly and socially conscious, college students swoon for pullovers. I, along with my fellow twentysomethings, fall victim to the pullover-plague.


All images courtesy of Pinterest.


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