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10 Things Every Girl Experiences During the Winter Season

Cold weather doesn’t come with too many perks…


  1. Overly static hair – straightened hair and down jackets simply don’t mix.

  2. Literally living in sweatpants – who needs jeans?

  3. Resisting the urge to stay in bed and watch movies all day – class is overrated.

  4. Constantly wearing fuzzy socks – regular socks just don’t cut it.

  5. Owning every Bath & Body Works winter scent in both lotion and body mist.

  6. Binge-watching multiple Netflix series on weekends.

  7. The daily debate over wearing a vest or down jacket.

  8. Taking extra long showers to make up for lost warmth.

  9. Chapped lips AND hands… Yikes.

  10. Struggling to find positive things about winter aside from the holiday season.


JCU Campus Correspondent
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