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Work Hard, Travel Harder

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.


I have always felt the need to travel; find my way out of the state that I grew up in to seek and find out what is so special about the different parts of the world.  Why are some cities so well known?  What is it that draws its people to it?  More importantly: Why would anyone wish to stay in one place, without going and out discovering what all is out there on this beautiful planet that we live on?  The more places I go, the more the above quote is proven true to me; the places we go, the people we meet, and the experiences we have in those places with those people undoubtedly become a part of us thereon. 


My most recent experience of this was traveling to New York City with my best friend this summer.  I have always, for some reason, felt drawn to New York; maybe it is the idea of the gleaming lights and the fast-paced lifestyle, the opportunities, or the hustle and bustle of the successful and driven people there.  Whatever it has always been, saying New York City lived up to the expectations I have always had is such an understatement.  Each day, Hannah and I spent all day in the city, exploring different parts and places that we slowly fell in love with each day.  From getting lost and going in millions of different directions, having Times Square as our back yard, and having champagne that is more expensive than what we can even afford on a rooftop right beside the Empire State Building, New York was a whirlwind that I miss every single day.


Ever since coming back from New York City, I have missed it every single day.  I realized that the atmosphere, and how it contrasts so much with our small southern towns, created an entirely new drive in me for travel.  It inspired me to go out of the little box I live in, and I hope that everyone else travels somewhere that helps them feel the same way. 


To add to that, New York would be a PERFECT place to start!  

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