Why I Read My Bible

For our articles this week, we have a theme- specifically our “whys.” We have to think about what we do and then tell why we do it. For most of the things I do I have the same whys. I either do things to improve, to help, or to be happy. Most of my driving forces behind my actions are common, but when it comes to my walk in faith, things get more personal. Why do I read my Bible? Many people, believers, non-believers, or people in between, may think the Bible is just an old book with a bunch of confusing or boring stories about people and customs that have nothing to do with us. While the Bible is an old book and many of the stories are confusing or possibly even boring, I read my Bible often. I have four main “whys” as to why I read my Bible and I hope you can relate and see this book as more than a bunch of cute quotes to put in a bio.


1.)It teaches me more about God

I read my Bible because it is the most explicit explanation of who God is and what he wants. While I see evidence all around me, in nature or in the love shared between people, the Bible gives me many concrete descriptions and promises of the God I cannot see or hear.


2.)It teaches me more about people

While the people and names in the Bible are different and outdated, the personalities and struggles are not. It is often hard to see the world beyond your own corner of it, but reading my Bible broadens my ability to relate to others. It helps me understand people unlike myself, understand where they’re coming from. It reminds me to evaluate myself before others and to offer compassion instead of judgement.


3.)It teaches me more about how to handle difficult situations

Again, while the names and customs presented in the Bible are old and maybe different than what I am used to, they still speak truth to me. They show me many situations, and give me advice on how to handle them with grace. While the people in the Bible are long gone, the same situations and struggles repeat themselves with each generation.


4.)It teaches me about myself

When I read about my God and His love, grace, and plans for my life, it reminds me who I am. I am priceless, beautiful, loved, wanted, cared-for, strong, and full or purpose. I am a princess (and so are you). God made us all fearful and wonderful because he is wonderful and entitled to awe.


I encourage you to read the Bible sometime this week. Even if you are not religious or unsure, I encourage you to see what has given me so much hope and direction!