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Why I Love Rock Music

Why is my favorite genre besides R&B/Soul and Gospel, is Rock music.? Yes, I know how weird that sounds especially coming out of a teenage black girl, but hey hear me out. Being raised in a music based, my brothers and I were always encouraged to listen to all types of music, but I like many others, never thought about listening to rock music.

I was first introduced to this genre when I was about 14 or 15, by my brothers, in the car, riding on the highway. The song I was introduced to was Bring me to Life by Evanescence (great song btw). I was actually surprised I enjoyed it so much and sometimes I thought I only liked it because my brothers did , but no I liked it because it was musically pleasing. So of course, being the overly curious person that I am, I started to research more songs, starting with every album by Evanescence. I fell in love. When people generally think of Rock music they think of ‘Kiss’ and other Metal groups which I quickly realized WAS NOT for me and will never be, but all rock music isn’t like that. There’s soft rock, Alternative rock, Pop rock, and many more. What some may not understand is that all rock music does is emphasize more on the instruments, at least in my opinion. The sound and rifts of the drums, the guitar, and the vocals all together are actually pleasing. I honestly never thought I rock music would be in my top three, but it is and I happy that my brothers introduced me to it.

If you are someone that generally listens to the same genre of music then I challenge you to switch it up because you never know what you’ll end up liking, like me.

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