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My parents have taught me more than I can name during my lifetime. They have taught me to be a strong woman, but to be compassionate and to open my heart. They have shown me when to be brave and when it’s okay to be vulnerable. I have watched my parents go through many struggles, but I’ve learned how important family is throughout the hard times. I have learned how to keep pushing through, even when it seems like everything is going downhill. They have taught me to be humble and to truly care about the people in my life, and for that, I can never thank them enough. My parents are the reason behind me fighting to pursue an education and my dream job to be a writer, and they are also the reason why I strive every day to be kind. 

My mom and dad have had financial struggles, like almost all families do. However, despite this, they have fought through them to give my sister and me everything we could imagine. They have struggled putting both of us through college, but they support us both unconditionally. Aspiring to be a writer, I’ve had many people tell me that I couldn’t do it, and that I would never get a job after college. However, my parents have never said a negative word about it and encourage and support me more than anyone ever has. They want me to reach towards my dream and to be the best writer I can be. They are the reason why I do not give up on my dreams. 

Being kind to everyone I meet is one of my highest values in life, and my parents are to thank for that. They taught me to take into consideration that you truly never know what someone is going through, and how bad they might need your smile that day. Being kind can be shown in simple actions such as saying hi or just a smile. My parents taught me that being kind is the way I should want to be remembered one day when I am gone. They have shown me to treat others the way I really want to be treated, but they have also taught me to be kind to people who are not. They have shown me that those are the people, the cruel and rude ones, who really need my kindness the most. They are the reason why I try to change the world through kindness. 

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