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What I Wish I Knew

 We all know the embarrassment that came with being 14, and if you’re anything like me you desperately try to forget that year. I would love to block out the awkward stage and the difficult transition from middle school to high school but sadly I can’t. So instead, here are 9 things I wish I would’ve known when I was 14:

  1. Those girls aren’t your friends. I know it may seem like you need them but trust me… you don’t.
  2. This “awkward stage” won’t last forever. You’ll probably grow out of it by the time you turn 15.
  3. That boy is so not worth the heartache, trust me, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming.
  4. Drink more water. It’ll help with that pimple that just WONT go away.
  5. It’s okay to wear a t-shirt to school. No one is going to remember you wore a t-shirt on Monday when everyone knows you’re supposed to look the best on Monday’s *eye roll*
  6. Pay attention in class! Those honor societies look so good on college resumes!!
  7. Do as many extracurricular activities as your schedule will allow. You won’t regret it and you might even get some new friends out of it.
  8. Eat that piece of candy. If you want a whole bag of candy, EAT IT. You’re literally 14 and your body will never be as young as it is right now.
  9. Tell your mom you love her. Tell her how thankful you are for all that she does. I know she can be frustrating but she’s just doing it because she loves you.
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