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Sometimes when I’m watching a TV show, I act like I could be one of the

characters in the show. I know I can’t be the only one….maybe I am, because that’s a

little weird. I have fallen in love and re-fallen in love with an Australian television series

called Wentworth. Wentworth is about women in a prison. So, you may think of Orange

is the New Black, but Wentworth is, in my opinion, way better than Orange is the New

Black. Wentworth is engaging and will you have longing for the next episode. You find

yourself growing attached to each and every character and that is a job well done for

the writers of this show. Watching the show, I wish I was a character so bad, and

thinking about what I would do in the events that take place.  

Seriously, If you have never seen this show or even heard of this show please

watch it, because it will change your life forever!

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