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Totes Ma-Gotes and other Collegiate Catchphrases

Are you really a college student if you don’t say these phrases on (at least) a daily basis?

  • “I don’t have any money/food/time” (basically anything that you actually need to survive)

  • When you are totally NOT kidding: “I’m just kidding”

  • When you give someone advice, but your life is also a mess so you have to end it with: “But I don’t know though” or “But that’s just me”

  • Regardless of how much you’ve actually slept or not: “I’m so tired”

  • “No way”

  • Every Monday: “I need a drink”

  • Regardless of the professor: “They are literally the worst, we don’t do anything in *insert course here*”

  • “Literally”

  • “Are we going to eat?”

  • Whenever the slightest inconvenience in class happens: “I’m dropping out”

  • “We have a test today?”

  • Walking in front of a vehicle: “Hit me”

  • Every Thursday (even when you swore you weren’t going out): “what time are y’all going out”

  • When you and your little literally just spent 3 weeks together, but you’ve been separated for 3 seconds: “Has anyone seen my big/little?”

  • “Can you send me the notes from today?”

  • The two major dilemmas: “Should I nap or shower” and “Should I buy food or gas”

  • At the end of every semester: “Can you FLEX me in?”

  • When you feel yourself slipping fast: “Siri, wake me up in 15 minutes”

  • “I’ll venmo you”

  • To your friend, so you can both feel better about skipping classes that you pay way too much for: “Are you going to class?”

  • The lie you tell yourself after every due date: “I’m not going to procrastinate next time; I’ll study ahead of time.”

  • After waiting until the last minute to study: “Guess I’ll fail”

  • When you remember that you signed up for this and you don’t really HAVE to be here: “WHY??!?”

  • When your parents give you just a little money for essential items and you waste it on you don’t even know what: “why am I like this”


If you’ve said any of these phrases, or anything similar, then you know you are truly living the college life. Don’t worry girl, were all strugglin’ right along with you.


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