Styles and Trends from 2010

They say that fashion and trends repeat themselves. Most trends in 2010 are currently repeating themselves. Everywhere you look you can see the statement of flare jeans and converse coming back into style. But here are five trends that we hope DON’T make a comeback:

1: Gouchos

yes, they were comfortable… but were they ever cute?

2: Emo stage

* gringe * RIP Hot Topic

3: Ed Hardy

just admit it, we all had it and thought we were straight out of Jersey Shore

4: Oversized Sunglasses


5: Crocs

there really isn’t even much to say on this… some people still wear them… but at least they aren’t working to make a fashion statement


Now while they seemed so cool and popular at the time, they are better left in the past. For now, we can throwback to 2010 with “Tik Tok” by Kesha and “Like a G6” by Far East Movement and reminisce on the fun times we used to live in.