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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Jax State chapter.


This week I got the opportunity to talk with JSU’s 2018 Homecoming Queen, Madison Burell. This Jacksonville native took the time to answer some questions.  

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My name is Madison Burell, I was born and raised in Jacksonville, Alabama. I have lived here for 20 years now! I am a junior majoring in Family and Consumer Science with a focus  in merchandising and I am a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega.”

Why did you choose JSU?

“There was really never another option for me. Growing up here, Jacksonville State University has always felt like home. I love the school but I really love the people.”

Tell us about your philanthropy platform:

“My platform is something I came up with on my own a few years ago after I went through a really bad breakup and started college with hardly any friends at the same time. I thought that parties were the only way to make friends and I almost went down that path. Parties have just never been for me so I struggled with that for a while until my best friend told me one night while I was crying before my first party, ““Madison, you need to know your worth. You don’t have to do that to make friends, You can just be you and everything else will fall together.”” So from there, I have tried harder to love myself. My platform is Know Your Worth and it speaks about self confidence, self esteem, and self worth. I know everyone struggles with this and I hope that I can start a ripple effect with those words and continue with the one I have already started with my Know Your Worth bracelets. Beauty comes from within and I believe that if everyone knew that, this world would be a much happier, better place.”

What made you want to run for Homecoming Queen?

“I never got nominated for something like this in High School, although I did pageants and I was a majorette. This is so different. I’m actually very introverted but I knew this would help to get me out of my comfort zone and it has! My sorority sister nominated me for it in Sigma Alpha Omega and I thought back to what my friend said, Know Your Worth, and I knew I could use that as my platform and I knew those words could make a difference in people’s lives like it did mine, even if I didn’t win.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“In high school, I loved twirling batons, fire batons, and knives as the feature majorette but now, I love organizing (seriously, there is nothing better than a color coordinated planner). I also love reading poetry and doing makeup!”

What is your favorite quote?

“My favorite quote is by Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, “You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself””

If you got stranded on a deserted island, what’s is one thing that you would want with you?

“I would most defiantly say I would want to have my dog with me. She is the cutest toy poodle in the whole world named Jules. She could just look at you and make you feel better.”

If you could tell your past self one piece of advice what would it be ?

““If only you knew…” I always struggled with patience and until I went through my bad breakup, until I hit rock bottom, did I realize that I needed patience but most importantly, I needed to believe that God had a plan for my life and I needed to trust that. If only I knew back then what God had in store for me today. I would’ve saved a lot of sleepless nights had I just been patient.”

You and your friends are jamming to your favorite song on a road trip, what song is it?

““Reckless Love” by Cody Asbury is a song that I always have playing in the back of my head. The song itself just describes everything I have gone through in my lifetime. But I do have to admit, anything by Beyoncé is always a jam for me.”


Jacksonville State University is so lucky to be represented by a woman full of beauty and grace. 


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