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Listen Linda

Do you consider yourself a good listener? I bet 90% of the women reading this said yes, but, did you really think about the question? For women, sometimes it is challenging for us to stop and listen to either our friends, parents, and most of all our significant others. Everyone knows that men will never understand women and women will never understand men, but we at least have to try! A good listener, listens first, takes in the information, and then responds. Unfortunately, some women partially listen and then immediately respond to the little bit that they heard.

Women are emotional and when we become emotional our hearts/feelings give us selective hearing and sometimes take over our mouths. Selective hearing by definition is a technique that filters and summarizes to achieve comprehension.

Now women are not the only ones who have selective listening, everyone does, but women are just extremely good at it when in a passionate discussion. With selective listening and a passionate discussion like an argument is not a very good mix. We tend to pick and choose what we want to take in and then respond to that only which causes us to not receive the big picture. I challenge everyone women to hold their tongue until the other person as completely gotten their point across and then respond accordingly.

It will be hard, but I have faith in you! Good luck!


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