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Halloween is one of the best times of the year, besides Christmas, of course! Each year when October rolls around, I reminisce on the many memories I have from past years. I think about all of my ridiculous costumes like an M&M, a Cheetah Girl, and a zombie bride. When the leaves begin to fall I instantly start thinking of all the laughs, candy, and memories that Halloween has given me. Here are some of my favorite times.

My sister and I looked forward to Halloween all year, mostly for the candy. As I look back now, I’m more thankful for the stories I remember so well today. We always started our adventure on October 31st with a visit to Nana’s house. She had a bag waiting for us every year with our favorite candy, an apple, and a ten dollar bill. We would bring our dogs, too. My favorite costumes they had were a bumble bee and a ladybug. They went Trick-or- Treating with us, sitting in our pumpkins we were supposed to put our candy in (but we all know Mom ended up holding everything). We also took a trip to see our Big Daddy. Their neighborhood always had the scariest houses. We had to build up our courage for a while before we could walk up and get the candy they had waiting on the front porch. These sweet memories will always be in my heart.

While I have memories that make my heart warm, I also have some funny memories. Dora the Explorer used to be my all-time favorite. We went to look for costumes and I had my mind set on being Dora. The whole time in the store I yelled “Adios amigos!!” at every person I saw, and embarrassed my parents, which I still like to do today. Another time, I got so excited to get my candy and I started running. I was not paying attention to anything but all the other kids racing towards the doors. However, I missed the open drain that was in the grass in front of me. I fell halfway into it, and was saved by my mom. Looking back on it, it is funny, but then I thought it was going to be my last Halloween ever. My favorite halloween memory is with my sister. We were young and we loved to argue and fight with each other. This particular year, I was a witch and had a long black wig on. We got into an argument about something stupid, I’m sure and started fighting. She hit me and my wig flew off onto the floor. We looked at each other and laughed until our stomachs hurt. These memories are my favorite things about Halloween.

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