Being Pro-Choice Does NOT Make Me a Bad Person

Being deep in the south, I get many sideways looks and snarky remarks when I express my views on pro-choice. I am not strictly on either side of the argument and I agree with points of both parties. However, I do not think pro-choice supporters should be slandered with names such as "baby-killers" and other horrible associations. I do not support late term abortions; however, I do not demoralize or discourage abortions if that is what a woman wants. 

To me, pro-choice is all about the person who is pregnant. It is not my body, and I do not know the situation of the pregnancy. The pro-choice in me believes it is right to give that person the choice. 

There are many reasons why someone would choose to end a pregnancy. I have never been in that situation, so it is hard to say if I would go through with it. However, again I believe it is that persons choice. Some women are in terrible circumstances themselves, and do not want to bring a child into a world where they cannot support it and the child will endure suffering. Rape can lead to unwanted pregnancies and the mother sometimes does not want to go through with the pregnancy.  Some pregnancies can lead to harm or even death of the mother, and some pregnancies can lead to disorders and disease in the child itself.  If the United States does away with abortion, unsafe and dangerous ways to terminate the pregnancies will arise and cause even more death. 

My point is that it is unfair to judge someone else for their decisions regarding their own body. Strangers should not have the right to determine what a woman does with her pregnancy in a hard situation. 

Another aspect I support of the pro-choice argument is euthanasia. If someone decides to end their own suffering, for whatever reason they wish to, who is a stranger to stand in their way? 

I support pro-choice simply because I support citizens having the ability to make their own choices.