Are Your Friends REALLY Your Friends?

It is so important to surround yourself around people who are there for you and support you with everything you do. You should be able to confide in them 100% and know they aren’t going to become Fox 5 News and tell everyone your business even if it’s not “that important.” Having people in your corner that you know will go through hell and back with you just so you won’t have to do it yourself, is the best and stress free feeling in the world. Your friends should become your family. Unfortunately, there are some “friend groups” out there that are far from the word family. So, are your friends really your friends?

If your “friend” is constantly bringing you down, then that's not your friend. If every time you talk your “friend” they have smug look on their face like he/she’s annoyed, that's not your friend. When you decide to tell them something personal and they tell someone else, that’s not your friend. Some of you reading this, are maybe like, “Well that doesn’t apply to any of my friends” well your friend may not act nasty towards you, but they could be using you. If your friend is ALWAYS borrowing money, but when you ask for a dollar they get upset or “don’t have it”, then that’s not your friend, if they are so dependent on you that you begin to feel like their parent, that’s not your friend, and what I believe most important is that if you are always there for them in their time, but they turn into Casper when you need them, then that IS NOT your friend.

Make sure you take the time to really observe the people you hang around and the people you keep close to you. A friend isn’t determined by how long you have known each other or how many situations you have been through together, a friend is someone who uplifts you and wants to see you succeed. Everyone needs a group of genuine friends to explore life together! And I am so happy that I have mine.