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14 Things About ME

I’m sure if you were to ask anyone that I’m close to give you a list of things about me, they'd have more than plenty to say…but here are the one’s I'm going to share with you guys today


I am not my mistakes. I’ve made quite a few in my short twenty years — but mistakes are how we learn and how we move on, not something to be ashamed of.


I am not a homebody. I love to travel! My favorite part of a trip is normally the ride there. I love airports and car rides — watching movies, playing games, and spending time with those you love!


I am not my bad grades. I’ve never been someone that good grades and motivation for school came easy to, but nothing easy is worth having.


I am not independent - at times. I count on a lot of people for a lot of things - thankfully I have people that I can trust to help and support me when I need it and give me space when I need it.


I am not others’ opinions of me. People will always talk, but if you stay true to yourself and keep your head held high, no one can rain on your parade!


I am not my failures. You can’t win every award and that’s okay — it’s the experience that you gain from trying that makes it all worth it.


I am not perfect. As perfect as I try to make things, being perfect is impossible. There’s no use in killing ourselves over pushing our lives to a standard that others’ have set. Do what makes you happy and be proud of it!


I am an artist. 90% of the time, you can find me doodling on anything and everything, planning my next project, or adding to my ridiculous collection of art supplies…my box runneth over.


I am hard working. Sometimes on the wrong things at the wrong times, and sometimes to a fault, but it’s a quality that I value in myself nonetheless.


I am adopted. Most people don’t know this about me — I was adopted at 23 days old and I look very similar to my brother and my parents, so unless the 6-month age difference between my little brother and I comes up, questions normally aren’t asked! I am very thankful for my little family and wouldn’t trade them for the world.


I am determined. See also: stubborn. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you choose to see it, but it takes a lot to change my mind when I’ve already made it up.


I am a student. As stressful as it may be, without the stress, sleepless nights, and assignments, we wouldn't have the 4 best years of our lives.


I am a lover of all things dog / baby. I can never get enough cuddles, especially from things under 10 pounds!!!


I am ENOUGH. As simple a saying as it is, everyone needs to be reminded of that when times get tough. Nothing you do or say makes you any less deserving of everything that is good in this world!

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