The Worst Date I Ever Had

It was the fall of 2007, I was in high school, and my current boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months. It was our third or fourth date. I was excited, and I wanted it to be perfect. I made sure my appearance was perfect, but as careful as I was I couldn’t make up for my clumsiness.  

After the movie, he took me to a small Asian restaurant. We were sitting at the table and the young waiter comes out. He bought us some water and bread. I sipped my water and I began strangling loudly on a tiny ice chip. I looked up and my boyfriend tried to help me, and this caused a commotion among everyone in the restaurant. After it was all over and I felt better, I felt so awkward and my boyfriend barely talked and looked beyond embarrassed. I thought he would never call me again. Glad that’s something we can laugh at today.

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