Why You Should Be Excited For Finals

It seems to never end- turn on your computer, log into Zoom, and try to pay attention to the lecture. The last four months have gone by quickly, but also painfully slow all at once. Every week kept us guessing if all schools would be shut down again. Week by week more lectures moved online until we were stuck in our dorms the whole day, leaving only for food. That's why finals can't come sooner for me. Finals week means that I can prove all of the isolation, frustration, and work was worth it. It also means I can go home and be with my family rather than being stuck in my dorm room all day alone with no roommate. Finals week also means that we're all one step closer to this year being over and one step closer to the pandemic being over. Every day is one step closer to life getting better, but you just need to hang on. Rather than dread finals, look at it this way- you made it through one of the most difficult semesters anyone has been faced with, so be proud of yourself.