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I am the queen of going for guys that are bad for me.

  • “Bad” boy type? Check.
  • Condescending? Check.
  • Guys who think their God’s gift to women? Check.
  • Emotionally unavailable? Quadruple check.

There is literally no reason for me to go after these guys. I know that they are bad for me, yet I go for them anyway despite the protests of my best friends who have watched this show one too many times.

At the beginning of the semester, I met, what I thought, was the perfect guy for me. He was funny and sweet and just an overall good person. He had some baggage from his last relationship, but who doesn’t? I decided to test my luck with him and as fate would have it I fell…directly on my face. I spent six months in limbo with him before I decided that it’d probably be best to cut my losses. I told him that it would probably be best for us to not talk anymore, but I didn’t want to get stuck on the rebound.

I decided that I needed a serious distraction, so I started planning every act of my day. From breakfast to classes to assignments to meals, my to-do list is extremely detailed. Obviously with work and friends and just life in general things don’t always go in the exact order but I found that by keeping myself busy, I feel better.

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Don’t get me wrong—I miss him, but the feeling isn’t all-encompassing. My to-do list is detailed because I need to remember that I am still accomplishing other things, even if my love life is a mess.

If you’re hung up on a person who didn’t appreciate you the way that they should or if you’re just looking for more structure in your life, try making an overly detailed to-do list because the feeling of getting things done helps…even just for a little while.

Danielle Jones is from Jeannette, Pennsylvania--a small town with big pride. As an English, Writing major with a minor is Business Administration she loves words and truly believes in their power. She is currently one of two Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at IUP. In her free time, Danielle enjoys reading, writing, and all things Shonda Rhimes.
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