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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Throughout your college career at IUP, you develop your favorite foods, places, and things to do while you are a student here.

Crouse’s Café Hot Chocolate:

Crouse’s Cafe is an excellent breakfast and lunch place that is located on Philadelphia street which features awesome omelets, wraps, and other various breakfast items. The unexpected beyond delicious item on the menu that should honestly have way more buzz than it does is their delicious hot chocolate. It comes in an aesthetically pleasing mug with the restaurant’s name on it and it is beyond anything you have ever tasted. This is not just your average hot chocolate that comes from well known brands. I highly recommend that you try it especially on a cold day. It is a little sugary at the bottom but it is one of the those drinks that is going to make you steal more sips than you expect if you share it with someone. I wish they could bottle it and sell it because that is something worth buying for home.

Indiana Bar Specials:

When I have gone out at other schools and cities, their bar specials do not compare to the wonderful specials that are provided in Indiana. The bars here often do have covers on special nights but the cheap delicious drinks definitely make it worth it. The drinks range anywhere between rare 5 cent nights to 6 dollar drinks.  Certain bars have certain nights where they have good specials like 2 dollar long islands, 2 dollar domestics, and other various specials that make people flock to them at 10.

Romeo’s Ranch and Pizza:

This independent pizzeria and Mediterranean restaurant has many good items on the menu which includes delicious soup, many guten free items, fresh salad, pasta, and many other items. The pizza is delicious and you get what you pay for when it comes to the quality. This venue is a little more expensive than your typical pizzeria but the fresh quality that it provides is definitely worth a try on your bucket list. The product that the restaurant is known for by the students is the ranch that gives you the certain feelings. This is not some prepackaged ranch that can come from many chain pizzerias because this is something they make homemade. It is kinda sad that they only include one container with a pizza but they do sell this product in bulk in case you do love their ranch that much. They are also open late night so it is great for those late night munchies.

India Café Food:

This a cute little restaurant that is located on Philadelphia street that has really good authentic indian cuisine. Indian food is definitely an acquired taste but it is worth a try if you are feeling adventurous. Their lunch specials come in this big metal bowl with dividers for the naan (indian bread), lentils, and other various food items that are included in your meal. It is a little pricier than your average lunch place but the scents that the food gives off are heavenly. It is only open certain hours so do plan your time accordingly.

Twisted Jimmy’s Orange Crushes

Twisted Jimmy’s is a bar and restaurant that is located on Philadelphia street. It also has its brother restaurant Steel City adjoined to it. This location has great specials which include half off food and drinks during a certain time on specific days. This hot spot is known for one for one their custom cocktails which is an orange crush.  It is a tangy delicious drink that is regularly priced at 6 dollars but specials do have it for 2 or 3 dollars at times. This is a drink that makes you want to have the recipe so that you can make it at home.

Country Night at Wolfies:

Many people at IUP would say that you cannot graduate until you have been to country night. It is held on Wednesdays at Wolfies club on Philadelphia street. It has various inexpensive drinks which include 2 dollar you call its and 2 dollar pitchers which is one of the most popular drinks of the night. It usually does have a 3 dollar cover but that is not horrible for a wonderful night of fun. It does include toilet paper, dancing on the bar, various bars located inside it, an on point playlist of great country music, and a 1 dollar coat check that relieves the worry of having your jacket possibly getting taken.

Oak Grove:

This area of trees is a common place for photographs, studying, and playing frisbee for many students. It has its own geofilter for snapchat and is the center of campus. It is a beautiful place that is a significant part of the beauty that is the IUP campus. On a beautiful day, you will see many students in the oak grove enjoying the weather that can be rare at school. It also has the food truck that offers food that is not always carried by the other establishments located on campus.

The town of Indiana:

One of the reasons why I chose to go to school here is the town of Indiana. It has cute boutiques, delicious food, good musical performances, and wonderful festivals. It is a very walkable town with sidewalks everywhere and easy to maneuver roadways. It is a place where people from the country can get a taste of what it is like to live with red lights, and another world to explore. Indiana will always have a place in my heart because of my love of the town and the school that is stationed in it.

I will miss all of these locations when I graduate and I will be sad to leave them soon.

Hi everyone! My name is Bonnie and I am a junior fashion merchandising major at IUP. My hobbies include watching scandal and gossip girl,eating popcorn, spending time in coffee shops,and going shopping at TJ Maxx.I love to write and talk about interesting topics.