When You Have a Long Distance Best Friend

Let's face it: keeping up with friendships in college isn't always easy. You're at the cusp of adulthood now and with that comes more responsibility, long hours studying in the library, picking up extra shifts at work to pay rent... the list goes on. Sometimes, you don't see your friends as often as you like. Sometimes, it feels like they don't exist at all. 

When my best friend moved to Ohio last year, it felt like my entire world was crashing down. Who would stay up late watching horror movies with me? Who else would I eat copious amounts of Chinese food with? Who would I cry to over the phone at three in the morning? Who else could appreciate all of the inside jokes, our taste in music, all of the shared smiles and moments that made being best friends so special? No one. 

Although the distance from my apartment and the town that she would be moving to was only three hours tops, it felt much farther emotionally. I was used to waking up and being able to spend the entire day with this girl. Now we would have to carefully plan our time together around her work schedule and my own commitments, including college courses and several organizations through the university that I was enrolled in. 

Of course, no one will ever be able to replace my best friend. No one will ever be able to come close. In the time that has passed since her initial move, we have been able to keep our friendship strong with long phone calls, evening FaceTime chats, and even visiting each other when we're both free. 

I miss my best friend dearly, but I know that she's much happier at her new job in Ohio than she was before and that's all I can want for her.