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What Your Boyfriend Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Ok ladies so let’s be honest with ourselves. Valentine’s Day is coming up and even though the stores want the general population to believe it’s about love we all know that it’s really about us.Think about it. You walk into the mall and all you see are teddy bears, flowers, jewelry. Now while some men might want the chocolate, do you honestly think any of those things are for your man?  I hope not.

After weeks of pressuring your boyfriend, sending hints and him spending loads of money, you have to get him something.  Just like you want to receive something you like so does he, so treat your man!

If your boyfriend won’t tell you what he wants then Her Campus will and trust me….it isn’t a sweater.



Believe it or not but a man will love coupons according to Derek J.* Not just any coupons but romantic coupons that can be used to spice up things in the bedroom. Give the gift of sizzle with red hot coupons that leaves your man in charge when he cashes it in. You might also want to keep in mind that coupon books are very easy on your pockets.  You can personally make them yourself or buy them for less than $10 at stores that sells intimate toys or lingerie. 


Maybe you don’t like basketball or hockey but your man does. If you really want to spend some time with your boyfriend, try to go someplace he wants to go. V-day is a prime time to buy concert, basketball, hockey, or early baseball tickets, or keep it simple with movie tickets. Learn how to appreciate what he likes and he’ll love you for it.


“Personally I would like an entire day where my boo focuses on no one but me… an inexpensive day where my girl praises and worships me for all my efforts in arranging a special day for her,” Jacob B. said. At the end of the day men just want to know that their hard work didn’t go down the drain. Most of them think long and hard on what to get you so try to show them some appreciation for their effort. I’m not saying you should let your boyfriend hold his gift over your head for days, weeks, etc. just treat him the way you want to be treated.


Why spend money on a fancy dinner when you can light candles, play music and cook for your boyfriend at home. (check out this article for some helpful hints on what to cook) Now, this comes the part where you have to know your man. Some men have stated that they want their woman to cook dinner for them in a sexy outfit. Other guys don’t believe in lingerie. “What’s the point of wearing lingerie if I’m going to take it off” Eric S. said while Anthony L. has had his girl cook in lingerie and loves it.



You can buy your boyfriend whatever you want but at the end of the day you know what he probably really wants and it happens to be free. Just about every guy that was interviewed told Her Campus that what they really wanted was sex. Demetrius C. spelled it out when he said, “I’m not materialistic. What I really want is good sex.” He continued, “I expect the whole nine. I don’t expect anything material wise but if I get something…cool. I do expect sex though.”

So get into his favorite position because you already know what your man really want for Valentine’s Day.



*Names have been change per request

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