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Wardrobe Staple: The Clutch Bag


This fashion series is one that I feel is very important. Trends are great as they give us an opportunity to try new things and add some flair to our wardrobe. And as much as I love some of the Spring trends of the season, I feel that wardrobe staples are way more important than what Women’s Wear Daily tells us is hot at the moment.

This week’s staple, the Clutch, is one that is very close to heart because I am a handbag addict. The Clutch can really send your look over the top in addition to keeping your keys, credit cards and lipstick safe. Even better news; Clutches are no longer just for night-time. Here are the top 5 types of Clutches a fashionista needs in her closet.


Look One:

Patterned Clutch. The patterned clutch has the ability to complement a simple look and make it fierce, whether you’re rocking jeans or a dress. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either!


Look Two:

Statement Clutch. The statement clutch is a quick and easy way to add color to your look. Some of my favorite colors to try: Aqua, hot pink and yellow!


Look Three: 


Clear Clutch. The clear clutch works great for summer-especially if you’re on the beach.I addition to being stylish, you can easily locate all of your stuff. Score!  


Look Four:
Studded Clutch. The studded clutch isn’t just for night-time looks anymore. It brings edge to any outfit, and let’s be honest; edge is always in.
Look Five:

Oversized Clutch. The oversized clutch fits any and everything you need from day to night. Its the perfect way to announce to everyone that you have arrived!

Stay tuned for the next wardrobe staple in our series, the Flat Shoe!




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