Valentine's Day Candy by Rank

Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Easter. Three holidays that all have one thing very in common--candy. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we here at Her Campus IUP decided to create a poll to see what kind of candy our Twitter followers want from that special someone (or themselves) on Valentine's Day.

1. Chocolate

(Photo by Pixabay)

This was no surprise. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?  If you're looking to get someone special candy this year without breaking that bank, try skipping the red boxes and going for the regularly packaged candy instead.


2. Caramels

(Photo by Angele J.)

Coming in at #2 were caramels. Caramels often get swept under the rug at this time of year, but if you've never tried them I highly recommend it. Maybe change up the game this year with caramels instead of chocolate?


3. Sweethearts

(Photo by Pixabay)

Here's a throwback to elementary school when everyone got a Valentine. These little candies are such a staple in Valentine's Day and will (hopefully) stick around forever with their sweet messages.


4. Fruit Flavored Candy

(Photo by Foodie Factor)

Coming in at the bottom of our survey was fruit flavored candy. While appreciated every other day of the year, it's not much of a favorite for Valentine's Day. Luckily, there are other holidays where these candies get to shine.


Have a happy Valentine's Day!