Top Songs to Put You in a Good Mood

Some days, we all need a catchy tune to put us in a better mood. These are my go-to bops, especially for sunny days!

  1. 1. "I'm Still Standing"- Elton John

    With a catchy 80's vibe and lyrics that describe the epitome of standing tall, this song will surely get stuck in your head and raise your spirits. Elton John is known for his extravagant personality and is always good for a pick-me-up!

  2. 2. "Levitating"- Dua Lipa & DaBaby

    DaBaby and Dua Lipa knew what they were talking about in terms of dancing it out and "levitating." If you're looking for a catchy song that makes you want to bust a move really quick, this is it!

  3. 3. "Peaches"- Justin Bieber, GIVEON, & Daniel Caesar

    This song reminds me of springtime and warm weather which is perfect for the sunny days approaching us soon. When I listen to this song, I imagine myself on the beach, sipping on a margarita, and vibing in the sun.

  4. 4. "Dynamite"- BTS

    This is a club song for sure! A modernized 70's vibe and easy sing-a-long lyrics are great for putting a little pep in your step when you need a good mood fast. 

  5. 5. "Goosebumps (Remix)"- Travis Scott & HVME

    If you're a rap fan or a frequent flyer to college parties, you've probably heard the original version already. This song has the same lyrics and vibes, but with an extra banger boost making it the perfect party anthem. In the wise words of Jersey Shore, this song is "fist-pump worthy!"

  6. 6. "Ice Ice Baby"- Vanilla Ice 

    If you're an avid fan of 90's rap, you probably already have this on your playlist somewhere! Catchy background vocals and amusing lyrics are always good when you need that extra boost of energy. 

  7. 7. "New Shoes"- Paolo Nutini

    I had no idea this song existed until a random text from my brother showed up! This song is all about having a good day with smiling faces everywhere which always gets my serotonin pumping!

  8. 8. "Boys"- Lizzo

    The queen Lizzo herself has spoken! This song, with an incredibly catchy beat, will get you in a great mood instantly. Lizzo always knows how to make you feel like a queen when you need it most!