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Hannah Moskowitz

Tips N’ Tricks for our College Newbies

Looking back on my fall freshman year, I could've really used some tips and tricks from an old dog. Now that I am a junior I will be sharing mine to the new pups!

Your People

You. Will. Find. Your. People. It took me three lonely months but I found my people. College is the time to find yourself and it means that you may be alone for a while but not for long baby.


Don't be that person that forgets water in your cup noodle. Don't do it. DO NOT DO IT! Nobody wants to have a fire drill. Period. Remember your water lovely. 


Always bring a smart device. Some classes you don't even know you need it until you don't have it. it is embarrassing and puts you behind. On a side note always charge your laptop also!


College is the time to have fun. However, you always have a choice between friends or passing an exam. You have a whole 4 years to spend time with them. You don't have an extra $1000 to retake those credits. Please prepare for exams! They make or break.

Come home

Coming home especially in those lonely times saves your life. Not only do you get free laundry services, but you also get to see people that love and appreciate you (most of the time), and your dog!

These are a couple of things I have picked up in my time in college. They seem little but sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. I hope they help you.

Alicia is an aspiring doctor. She intends to graduate from IUP in 2022 and attend Medical School directly after to become a medical doctor specializing in pediatrics. She enjoys watching movies, hanging with friends, and community service. She is a dog lover and has a pug names Porky that makes her smile on her worst days. Family is everything to her as you probably have read.
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