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Thoughts Going Into My Last Semester of College

It’s hard to believe that after so many years waking up and going to school that it’s finally coming to an end. I never thought I would get here and I still do have an entire semester to get through, as well as a summer internship, but graduation is within reach. So here are some of my thoughts as a graduating senior…

It’s only been three years.

Well, three years of college. However, 2021 was always the goal year and it feels odd to be graduating with a class of people that I was never actually a part of. Also, I feel terrible when talking to some people who do have to stay the four years or longer. I recognize my privilege in being able to accomplish something like this, but it still doesn’t feel quite real.

I’m leaving people behind.

I always seem to be the youngest groups of my peers, yet suddenly I am graduating ahead of them. There are people I care about and would love to take with me that I will be leaving here to finish their school careers and let me tell you, it sucks. I can walk to wherever they are on campus, I can’t walk to wherever they are in the state or country and that makes me very sad. These are some of my favorite people and I’m going to miss them so much.

I’m nervous, but excited, for the future.

I’m leaving behind the things that I know and the comfort zone that I’ve established for myself, but better things are ahead of me. I have yet to move into my first place. Get my first real job. There are so many big and small adventures that I still have to go on and I’m excited for them.

Seeing new places.

I’ve lived in the same town my entire life. Went to the same college from first day to graduation. While I’ve done some travelling, I know that there’s more out there to see and do. I’ll be able to travel in the spring and the fall, not having to worry about interrupting the school year or missing classes. Even if I only get to go two hours away for the weekend, I’m ready to make the drive.

I’ve grown.

The most amazing part about graduating is being able to reflect on how much I’ve grown in just three years. I’m not the person I was when I first moved in, and I’m not even the person I was at the beginning of the school year. I have physical reminders of the work that I’ve done during my time here, which got better and better every semester. I was on a rollercoaster mentally for most of college and while life isn’t perfect, it’s much better than it used to be. I’ve met amazing people and done life-changing things and I wouldn’t be who I was today without all of it.

Overall, graduation is coming and I know it’s coming faster than it seems. I want to make this last semester the best I’ve ever had and relish in what I have here before it’s over. To all the seniors out there, good luck and I hope you make this semester a celebration of what you’ve been able to do in your time at school.

Gabrielle Bonnar is a current undergrad student at IUP who enjoys writing for HerCampus. She enjoys writing articles as a way to express her opinions and experiences throughout her life. Also, this acts as an outlet for her to write about new interests and ideas that she might not be able to express as well through her other artistic mediums. Being a member of Her Campus has strenghtened her abilities as a writer and she is excited to see where this portfolio of pieces takes her in the future. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @typical_guby.
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