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Things to Think About Before Getting a Dog

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Do you love dogs? Have you been thinking about inviting a new fluffy friend into your home? Before you make any decisions, here are some things to consider:


1. Can you pay for a vet?

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Many dogs come with or develop health conditions that need to be treated or monitored. Dogs also need annual shots that are not cheap. You also need to find some way to take care of them financially if they are involved in an emergency situation. Vets are expensive and are not optional.

2. What if you move?

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Dogs are meant to be kept for life, so you should do just that. You chose to get a dog so if you move you are supposed to find a place that is pet-friendly and that accommodates both you and your dog’s needs. Dogs are not meant to spend their entire life in the shelter.

3. Will your dog have company?

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People work and sometimes it’s hard for them to be home. Dogs are not supposed to live in cages! You may want to think about this before bringing one into your home. Make sure you have accommodations, so your dog doesn’t end up stuck in a cage.

4. Dogs need you; you don’t need them!

If you can’t fully commit to your dog and take care of them properly, DO NOT GET ONE!!

Dogs can be great pets, but most importantly they are a lifelong companion and friend. Think about it: you may only have your dog for a small part of your life, but that dog is going to be with you for its ENTIRE life so make sure it’s a good one!

Hi, my name is Christyn Beichner. I am a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Hospitality Management.