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*Spoilers for movies below!

As the newest installment of the Halloween franchise just debuted on October 15th it’s good to get a refresher on where this franchise has gone and where it will go next. There are now 12 installments of Halloween and 4 timelines, including two installments being produced by the performer Rob Zombie. For a refresher in the original 1978 film, Halloween is a movie following our main slasher Michael Myers, a child who killed his sister and stalks babysitters, killing them off until we get to our famous final girl, Laurie Strode, played by the magnificent Jamie Lee Curtis.

Depending on what timeline we are following, his family life differs. In the 1981 sequel, Laurie is found out to be Michael’s long-lost sister, which is scrapped in others to come. The one Halloween movie that really baffled fans was Halloween III: Season of the Witch. This was the only movie in the Halloween franchise that doesn’t feature Michael Myers. This movie follows an Irish toymaker that makes kids masks, they however are planned to be used to kill kids.

These masks have also debuted as an easter egg in countless other movies including the most recent, Halloween Kills. We see 3 trick or treaters who end up falling victim to good ol’ Mikey.

Halloween Kills Spoilers Ahead!

This newest edition was definitely one of my favorites. Being able to see Jamie Lee Curtis in her iconic role kicking ass and rocking the grandma vibe.

As the whole town bands together to defeat Michael once and for all, we find out that while Michael was a part of the reasoning as to why the town was in such peril, it was also fear itself.

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