Steps to Applying for the Disney College Program

I did the Disney College Program Spring 2018 from January to July and it was one of the wildest trips I’ve ever done. If you ever thought about doing the program, I highly recommend it and if school is something you need to finish first, you can always do it after you graduate and six months after you graduate. Applications for the program come out in late August for the Spring or January for the Fall season.

(Photo by Theme Park Tourist)

The first step is you need to submit an application, which basically is all the information about you, like your name, birthday, and nationality. You also submit a resume of all your previous work experience and what activities you are involved in that makes you qualified to work for Disney. The resumes go through a computer system and looks for keywords on your resumes that will move your forward in the application process.

(Photo by Disney College Program)

If your application goes through the computer system and you make it pass the application process, you have what is called a web based interview. The web based interview gives you a series of questions one by one and and asks about you and your personality and how it relates to your work life. The answers to the questions range from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” An easy way to not make it passed the web based interview is not selecting the strongly answers. Answer the questions to the best of how you feel describes you. An easy way to not make through is to overthink the answers and get stressed out because the questions are timed so just read it and answer how you would.

(Photo by Monroe Community College)

The last step after the web based interview is the phone interview. If you get through the phone interview, you are in the clear. The phone interview is also the most intimidating part of the application process because you are talking to a Disney recruiter and you are not 100% sure what they will ask you. The best advice I have is to prep for the interview by watching YouTube videos on other people doing the interview and researching common interview questions. I wouldn’t write a script of all your answers because you don’t know what questions you will be asked and you don’t want to come off sounding like a robot. If they ask you something that you weren’t prepared, try to answer as honest and best as you can and don’t let it trip you up. If you choose to apply to the program, good luck!