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If you’ve never played scavenger hunt on Wikipedia, the rules are pretty simple. You can either time yourself or race against friends. The goal of the game is to get from one word or phrase provided to the next by clicking on blue hyperlinks used throughout a Wikipedia page. You want to get there as quickly as possible, or using the least amount of links. For example, if the goal was to get from “Marilyn Monroe” to “waterfall,” I would start on Marilyn Monroe’s Wikipedia page and click on the blue hyperlink for “Niagara.Once on the page for “Niagara,” I would go to “Niagara Falls,” then to “Waterfall.” I have provided you with 8 scavenger hunts, all of which contain a term related to spring. Happy hunting!

“Tulip” to “Quentin Tarantino”
“Easter Egg” to “Lithuanina”
“Cadbury” to “To Kill a Mockingbird” 
“Cherry Blossom” to “Brad Pitt”
“Mother’s Day” to “Summer Olympic Games”
“Lemon” to “Seattle” 
“Pastel (color)” to “JC Penney”
“Gardening” to “Suez Canal”
Cheyenne is a junior Communications and Theatre Major at IUP. She is a self proclaimed nerd who loves all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Cheyenne likes to spend her time taking Buzzfeed quizzes and hanging out with her dogs, Tess and Poppy, and her cat, Tobi.
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