Some Avengers Cast Gifs to Get You Through Endgame


Endgame hit everyone who watched it pretty hard. There was a lot to digest and most of all, this movie meant the end of such an iconic group of heros. It can be a lot to handle for those who have been invested for years, so here's come gifs to remind us all that the actual actors are all okay and to let us reminisce a little about the good old days...

  1. 1. Chris Evans not following directions

  2. 2. Chris Hemsworth being able to pull both Scarlet Johansson and Chris Evans along set

  3. 3. These adorable pugs dressed as the Avengers

  4. 4. Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. playing with their own action figures

  5. 5. When Chris Hemsworth couldn't catch his hammer

  6. 6. Robert Downey Jr. biting Gwyneth Paltrow's dress while promoting Iron Man 3

  7. 7. When Tom Hiddleston dressed up as Loki and promoted Thor: The Dark World with kids

  8. 8. When Chris Evans struggled to get the prop parachute on

  9. 9. Someone editing them into the iconic Mean Girls dance scence

  10. 10. Last but not least, when they were all together and the worst they had to deal with was Loki and mild space aliens

With Endgame being such an iconic end to this era of superheros, it's always nice to reminisce on the making of the 22 movies in the past 12 years. Just remember, these actors aren't done and will continue to be in future movies so we all have that to look forward to as well. All that being said, happy Endgame!