Signs that It's Time to Get Out of that Relationship

All couples go through hard times and difficulties, but there comes a point when you have to take a step back and analyze your relationship. Is it healthy? Is it bringing you more joy than sadness? Here are a couple signs of an unhealthy relationship:

1. Doesn't like you going out with your friends

If your significant other gets upset or tries to keep you from your friends, there is a problem. In a relationship, you have to keep in mind that you two had separate lives outside of one another prior to the relationship. Do not be one of those people who allows a relationship to keep you away from family and friends; and then try coming back once the relationship ends. 

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2. Consistent arguments/scream outs

Don't you get tired of arguing every other day? Or even every other week. It is okay to have disagreements, but when there are full on consistent arguments, I believe that is a red flag. Also, pay attention to words that are being said during an argument. This can show you a person's true colors. Every fights, but low blows in arguments are not okay.

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3. Abuse

Any type of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Period. It is a cycle, do not allow yourself to get trapped in it. 

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4. No "I" or "me" only "we"

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When you two have no life outside of each other, it isn't quite healthy. Also, if you find yourself always saying, "we like to do this," or "oh, we want to do this," more than you talk about yourself, that can be a sign as well. A healthy amount of differentiation should exist in a relationship. Wanting to spend time with your significant other is normal, but your relationship should not define who you are entirely.

5. You cry just as much as you smile

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Keep in mind that there are people out there who make relationships easy and fun. There is no reason why you should cry anywhere nearly as close to as much as you smile. Know your worth....then add tax!