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Should You Lie about the Number of Guys You’ve Bedded?

Quiz time! Would you lie about the number of guys you’ve bedded if you…

A. Are having a girls’ night with a group of virgins?
B. Are having a girls’ night with a group of sluts?
C. Are on a first date with a guy you really like?
D. Are on a first date with a guy you know has a pretty high number himself?
E. Are talking to your mom?
F.Does the situation change your answer? Should it?

Whether your “number” is high or low, there are certain situations in which it can make you feel embarrassed, ashamed, or inadequate. But, are these feelings really necessary? The number of people you sleep with is a personal decision, and one you should feel confident in.

We all remember the Sex and the City episode where the ladies are forced to recall all of their past sexual encounters. As each character makes her “list,” she wonders how important her relationships have been to her growth as a person and how they have affected where she is in her life now.

The unanimous conclusion reached is that every sexual encounter, be it awful or amazing, influences our lives in some way. The number of guys you have bedded is a part of who you are.


As college students, our numbers can be increased at the wink of an eye and the pop of the hip. Before having too much fun, make sure you know yourself and your boundaries. Do some soul searching to determine the kind of sex life you want for yourself. Make sure that you will be able to handle the emotional side effects of a physical relationship and that you can respect yourself and the decisions you make.
If you are someone who has already racked up a high number, don’t let others put you down or make you feel guilty.

The past can’t be changed. Why would you want it to? You are who you are because of the decisions you have already made.
If you are someone with a zero, don’t let others make you feel unworthy. For a lot of girls, their first time can be an extremely emotional experience. If you are choosing to wait for the right guy or for the right time in your life, don’t let your commitment waiver.

Collegiettes who are comfortable with themselves and their decisions should never feel pressured to lie about the number of people they have slept with. Those not directly involved in your sex life have no business making you feel bad about your decisions. The person you are with currently, or anyone you will be with in the future, should respect the confidence you have in these decisions. As long as you stay true to yourself and your own personal values, the number of guys you have bedded should be seen as an accolade to your experiences and the confident girl you are.

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