Seasonal Cleaning

Now if you’re anything like me, as soon as you get to college, you think about all the stuff that you didn’t get done over the summer. Like cleaning your room and getting rid of things. Which is a total bummer because you have to come back to that room on breaks and in between school years. But that doesn’t mean that you’re safe from the cleaning. Luckily, there’s a few pretty easy things you can do to keep your dorm room, apartment, or life clean this fall.

1. Go through social media

Between jobs and internships, you’re going to want to make sure that there’s nothing questionable on any of your profiles. Even if you’re the most conscious person, you were a young teenager at one point. Giving a quick look through your profiles can’t hurt.

(Photo by Katka Pavlickova)

2. Get rid of extra papers that you might not need

Junk mail, receipts, other randoms pieces of paper you may have acquired at some point or another. Chuck them. Trust me, you won’t need them. Make sure to keep warranties though, might need those.

(Photo by Abyan Athif)

3. Clean out your email

Unsubscribe from those pesky mailing lists you may have signed up for in the past. They only clutter your inbox and make it harder to pick out the actual important pieces of mail.

(Photo by rawpixel)

4. Give/sell some clothes to make room for those cute new fall outfits

Trust me, you don’t need all of the clothes you think you do. With new fall clothes coming out all the time, you’ll fill that closet in more time than you think. Or if you don’t want to do that, when you get something new, try to get rid of a piece of clothing as a trade off. That way your closet doesn’t swallow you one day.

(Photo by Tom the Photographer)

5. Just give your room a tidy

Studies have shown that the cleaner your room is, the less stress and anxiety you will feel. I know that when I tidy my room, even a little bit, I feel much better and ready to work. You don’t have to deep clean though. Leave that for the spring.

(Photo by Juan Gomez)

With these few things, you’ll feel refreshed and less like your life is imploding. Good luck and have a happy and organized fall!